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What our Clients have to say 

Amanda Schroeder

Kitchen organization, unpacking, and garage organization

I have called upon Blissful Tactic three times and three times they have totally come through for me. The first time, I was overwhelmed with my kitchen - I had too much stuff and absolutely no rhyme or reason to storage, Danielle, Stacy, and Brittani came and in one day changed my world. Literally. This was over a year ago and my kitchen is still organized. The second time I called upon them was after a major leak and flooding had caused us to have two of our floors packed up and forced us to move out for over a month. Upon our return, I managed to unpack our main floor, but did not even begin in our walk-out basement (which are rooms - a guest suite, a library, the TV room and a general storage room). For months the boxes sat against the walls, each room completely unusable until I called upon them again. Once again they showed up for me, and six hours later, my home was fully useable again. The last time I called upon them with the most dreadful of tasks - cleaning out my garage. This was such a daunting task. I embarrassed by the state of it, but I get overwhelmed by disorder and cannot start the process of organization. But they saved me - again. I cannot iterate enough how much peace of mind I have gained with the help of these ladies. I am so lucky to have found them. I recommend then a thousand times over and they are worth every penny. I am certain I will need their services again in the future (I follow them on Facebook and they do events and all sorts of cool stuff). I cannot iterate enough how much easier life is with Blissful Tactic on speed dial.

Jennifer Browning

Room organization/refresh

Ok - let me start out by saying I am NOT the type of person that wouldn’t usually reach out for this kind of help. I am the type that either gets it done myself or I just put up with it for years. After being in our house for 4 years I STILL hated my office/guest room/closet space/catch-all room. I’ve desperately needed a space that I could walk into and feel peaceful and centered - like I could actually accomplish things. I hated so hated walking in this room!! Danielle and Stacey were miracle workers! They somehow came in my home - looked at the room, listened to my complaints, checked out areas I actually did like in the house and then went off shopping for me. They managed to figure out my style, organize my crap and do it all within a tight budget. I have been just waking in and out of the room all day just because I love it so much now! Need a miracle in your life? Call these women now!!!

Veneeta V.


Blissful Tactics -- I cannot say enough good things nor recommend them too highly. I am so happy to have found Danielle and Stacey. My ‘junk room’ was filled with thirty years’ accumulation of seldom used and/or no longer needed items. For a decade or more I’ve wanted to clean it out, but simply do not have the physical strength or stamina to carry out such a daunting task. My solution was to shove more ‘stuff’ in there and shut the door. Danielle and Stacey arrived, and within hours they had that messy room plus the adjacent kitchen decluttered, organized and clean. They were energetic, creative and attentive to my wishes. It was a pleasure to have them in my home. I will happily recommend them to my friends.


Wedding Coordinator

First let me start by saying Danielle & Stacey are amazing!!! From the moment my conversation started with Danielle I knew she was the person for me. When we had our first initial meeting in person the energy, the attention to detail that Stacey & Danielle had confirmed even more that I had made the right choice in selecting them to over see my wedding. Aug 21, 2021 couldn't have happened without them. There were minor hiccups and they navigated through them with ease and without me knowing. The took care of everything down to the last detail of everything we spoke about. I was able to enjoy my time getting ready for the ceremony for my loved ones all the way through the moment I stepped on the party bus to go home. I will definitely hire them again for the next event I host. Danielle & Stacey you are part of our family now and we thank you so much for everything!!!


Entire home organization

I had been struggling with getting my home organized and decluttered for a very long time. I knew it was time to ask for help, and I found Blissful Tactic. I originally was going to just ask to get help clearing out a spare room, organizing the kitchen and garage. I decided to have them go through the entire house, and I am so happy I did! My house looks amazing! Everything has a place, I can see what I have easily, and now I can enjoy the items that have special memories linked to them. The house is so calm and peaceful now. I feel like I have my HOME back. It's now a place I want to be, thanks to the wonderful Blissful Tactic team. Working with them felt like working with friends, I trusted them 100% to open every drawer, cabinet, etc and make sense of everything, and I am so glad I did! I feel like I can breathe again. We all have at least one area of our homes that could use some help, please do yourself a favor and reach out to Blissful Tactic, they can give you your home and life back!

Hannah Fulbright

Wedding Coordination

Danielle and Stacy were amazing! My husband and I, our families and close friends were so impressed with their assistance! They helped bring our wedding dreams to life and were wonderful to work with. The entire day flowed seamlessly. Anything that may have come up was unnoticeable by my husband and I; they took care of everything. Danielle and Stacey helped with the rehearsal and started our wedding day off early and stayed the entire night to make sure everything went smooth. It was such a weight off my shoulders knowing that my mom and mother-in-law could relax and truly enjoy the day with us rather than feeling the need to be coordinating. Our wedding party, family and friends were really able to enjoy the precious little moments of the day with us, without a hitch. Danielle and Stacy were so kind and we loved having them there to celebrate our special day with us. I highly recommend Blissful Tactic for your event!

Kristen Rondeau


Danielle and her crew are amazing! They went above and beyond to give the newlyweds and their guest a truly awesome experience. As mother of the bride she lifted so many worries off my shoulders. They truly were the first ones there and the last ones to leave and never stopped moving on a 95 degree day.

Theresa S

Organizing and Downsizing

Danielle was recommended, we had her and Stacie come out to give us an estimate to tackle our 18 years accumulation! Their pricing was reasonable enough that we signed up. Not only did they make it easy to purge, I’d say 60% of our “stuff” but they also hosted a big garage sale for us because we had some “good stuff”. They were kind, non judgmental and thorough through the process including cleaning. I can’t say enough good things. We will have them back and have recommended them to others!

Ahren Carpenter

Graduation Grazing Table

We used Blissful Tactic for our son's graduation party! Eery guest said they had never see anything like it! Absolutely beautiful, delicious and had a huge WOW factor! Danielle was so kind she even picked up and brought the cake I had ordered!! I hope to use them again in the future for some organization and/or a party. I highly recommend them!!!

Molly Hissam

Grazing Table

We had a “welcome home” party & hired blissful tactic to design a grazing table. It WAY exceeded any vision or expectation I had! It was the most beautiful and delicious thing I’ve ever had! They also designed a side dessert table that was just as phenomenal. We highly highly recommend them!


Wedding planner

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. Danielle was a amazing wedding planner so much thought into every detail. It was beyond anything I could have ever hoped for or expected..


Garage organization

My garage was a mess, we bought out new home one year ago and that that the only place I just couldn't get myself to organize. It was absolutely overwhelming.blissful tactic came in the morning at 9am and in a few hours made my garage unrecognizable, wow I was absolutely impressed how quickly they organized it. They also posted some of the things I wanted to give away and had people come and pick up while they were working. I highly recommend hiring them. They are truly experts at what they do 👍

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