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Meet the Team 

Hi there, I'm Danielle, the owner of Blissful Tactic.  I have been planning and organizing since I can remember. I worked in an administrative role for years, I always knew I wasn't doing what I was made for.  So with my hubby's support, I made the leap to become my own boss! The hardest part, was deciding event planning or organizing? Well, why not both?  

What makes this even better, I have my Sisters Brittani and Stacy to ride this journey with me.  They share the love of  event planning and recreating spaces that make you feel good! You will always see either one of them on a job with me. We make such a great team and enjoy working off of each others ideas and energy. Besides the muscles, elbow grease and eager attitudes, Stacy will always bring the entertainment and Brittani can fix and build anything! Love my Bliss Team! (not just saying that because they are my sisters) 

Let us know if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help, no project is too big or small for us. 

Your Blissful Tactic Team,
Danielle, Stacy and Brittani 


Danielle Kochendorfer, Organizer/ Coordinator 


Stacy Almond, Organizer/ Coordinator


Brittani Jordan,
Organizer/ Coordinator  

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